Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Wicked Halloween

Halloween was a blast this year. The library employees were encouraged to dress up and our department went with a theme - the Wizard of Oz. Most of the characters were already chosen, but for some reason the Wicked Witch hadn't been taken. I reluctantly took the part, but then got excited about it. Talk about easy! I put my costume together in no time and I was pleased with the results. Just this morning I picked up a few inches of some see-through black fabric to pin to the back of my hat and it looked great - just like the real Wicked Witch. It was fun seeing everyone's costumes and the rest of the library's response. We had people coming down from other departments to see us. There was talk of a costume prize and we are confident that we got it as a department. I loved this opportunity to get dressed up - that was always my favorite part of Halloween. Hopefully I'll get more chances in the future! FYI, I had the song "Thriller" as my ring tone today - thought I be festive! (hehe)

Some of our department dressed up:

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Extra hours

I've been doing some extra hours at the library and I am really enjoying it. I get more time at the reference desk, more than my daily hour, and I love helping people find books and materials. They are always so appreciative - and it makes my job worth it. My Homework Help program is going great and I'm getting about 5-7 kids almost everyday. I have a few that come daily and it's fun to remember what they specifically need and give them personalized help. I am also loving my co-workers and I hear that they really enjoy having me working with them and that I belong with the group now. That makes me feel happy!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Richard Paul Evans and Bookwise

I had the opportunity to attend a Bookwise conference with my ex-boyfriend, Nate and his wife, Shae. (Long story) Let me tell you a little about this Bookwise Conference - it was actually an Author conference and they had real authors in attendance to give presentations. Richard Paul Evans is the CEO of the company and he shared his story about how he got his "Christmas Box" published and whatnot. On Friday we saw some great authors including the Mark Victor Hansen, who did the Chicken Soup for the Soul books - he was really funny, and the Singing Chef - who made me laugh as we all sang along with him.

Later that evening they had a kick-off party and had the band Smash Mouth perform. Talk about cool! I actually knew most of their songs. Too bad I couldn't get any autographs! (hehe)
At the end of the concert, Shae and I went up near the stage and Richard Paul Evans happened to be there as well talking to some people. Shae went up and shake his hand and he shook my hand as well - THEN, out of nowhere he hugged me. AWKWARD! Where did that come from? (hehe) I did see him hug some people earlier and I think he was just in a hug mode. Funny! Now I can saw that Richard Paul Evans hugged me - no one will believe me! (hehe)

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Don't forget about Yanni...

Today was Terri's 50th Birthday and she had a big party at her house. It was fun. Beforehand she sent out squares of fabric to everyone to decorate - then she would make a quilt from the squares. I was thinking and thinking of what I could do for my square and I finally thought of the perfect inside joke - Yanni. We'll, it's not really a joke - but just something we both shared. I found a picture from one of his album covers and printed it onto an iron-on sheet (I have attached the mentioned picture). It worked out perfectly, and I was very happy with the end result. I did write a little message with a Sharpie - but it bled a little and didn't look so good - but that's ok. So, Terri loved my Yanni square and got a good laugh out of it and gave me an extra special hug. Yeah!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

FHE and Institute

I went to FHE this week, I've made this my new goal, and it was a stake activity. It was a Halloween carnival and it was fun. I actually didn't participate in the games, but it was good to socialize with people in my ward and met some new people.

Tuesday I went to Institute and it was such a good class. It's the Parables of Jesus and this parable we studied was about the two debtors. The lesson behind the parable was about repentance and it's two-fold purpose/mission. We can be forgiven, or justified, as soon as we are repentant and ask for forgiveness. We are forgiven and deemed innocent, but that doesn't mean our character or nature is changed. So, over time and when we keep our covenants and then we are sanctified - which changes our character and makes us pure. I never really understood this part of repentance and was really touched by the lesson. I guess that Elder Bednar talked about the during conference, but I don't remember. I'm anxious to get my Conference Ensign to study and review.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Joseph's Musical Number

So Joseph Cook, my new friend in the ward, called me up and asked if I could play for a musical number he was putting together. He arranged the music for the hymn, "I saw a mighty angel fly". We got together to practice, first at the JSMB because that's where Joseph works and he could get us in to use a piano after we had FHE at the Church Museum. The music was a little hard, but I vowed to practice all week to get it down.
Our group, about 8 of us, got together again after our ward temple excursion. We went to the Mt. Timp temple - it was good. This time we met to practice at the Gardner Hall - once again because Joseph could get us in to use a piano.
We performed it in Sacrament meeting and it sounded really good - despite all of my mistake that I hope no one heard! (hehe) Well, I got to know Joseph a little more during this process and so far I like what I hear. He was really good about calling and whenever I returned his calls he would say, "Hello Elizabeth Hope". We had an early practice before church and he asked me for a ride, which I couldn't give him because I had Ward council to attend beforehand. Anyway - the point I am making is that I think he considers me a friend and I need all the friends I can get!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sheila and the Dreams

Monday was Sheila's birthday, but they were still in Wyoming, so we celebrated yesterday. Us girls decided to have a little lunch out for her and we had a great time at the Olive Garden. Good food! It was just us Hope girls, including Emilia. Later that evening we went over to their place for some cake and ice cream. (I had to pick those up from the store because David didn't seem to remember - oh well). I found a cute little book about dream interpretations and we all had fun looking up different dream symbols. I think she was happy with it - yeah!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

General Conference

I got to watch almost all of conference, except the last session because I had to stupid work. I still need to watch that session, I keep forgetting. It was a good conference all around - but when isn't it? (hehe)
I was surprised/pleased about President Eyring and Elder Cook. They will be most excellent in their new callings. To be honest, I overslept Saturday morning, just until 10:20 and missed the actual announcement. So, I got online to the Deseret News website and they had the information already. That's what I call fast news!

I was really touched when Elder Nelson assisted Elder Wirthlin during his talk - it turns out that he locked his knees and that's why he started shaking. I started crying when I saw Elder Nelson helping him - and Elder Wirthlin's talk was about charity. It was awesome.

Elder Condie's talk about Leah and Rachel also struck me. I'm anxious to get the Ensign and read over the talks again - to get more from them.

During conference I worked on some of Mom's photo albums. She hasn't scrapbooked the albums from 1984-1989. I spent all of conference just peeling the pictures off the original pages. I plan on helping her put them in acid-free pages - nothing fancy. I'm just not into the fancy-shamcy scrapbooking anymore - just slap it on with some glue/tape and call it good.

Did I tell you that Anna invited Mom and me to attend the R.S. broadcast at the conference center? I bet you heard about it from Mom. Well, it was a great meeting and the Spirit spoke to me about a few different things - including doing my visiting teaching. I just haven't done it since being in my ward. It's not like I don't want to - I just don't remember. My companion is one of my roommates, Amy, and we are going to try and be better about getting out. Anyway, the new R.S. General Presidency is great - the 1st counselor is Hispanic and the 2nd is an older single lady. I think Sister Beck, the president, did a good job in representing the women of the church.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Chocolate Phone

Last night David and Sheila came by with our new phones. I was so excited! I got the LG Chocolate, which isn't a flip phone but a slide phone. I already love it.