Thursday, April 26, 2007

The break in

So, I have a sad story to tell. Just yesterday morning I went to my car and found it unlocked, and I then realized that it had been broken in to. Yes, they took my stereo and my burned CD's. Also, they took the ashtray drawer, that was filled with pennies. Can you believe that? I'm not sure if I left the door unlocked the night before, I was carrying groceries. I can tell they rooted around the car and even in the trunk. I'm trying to remember if I had anything of worth in there, but I don't see anything missing. I am so frustrated, especially about having to replace the stereo. I did call the police to report it, but you know they can't do anything.

Well, on a lighter note. Our ward had a goal to have a 40-day fast and they wanted to have someone from the ward fasting and attending the temple on each day. So, I signed up for temple attendance every week. It's been so nice. I went yesterday and did an hour's worth of initiatories and it was great. I have loved going weekly this last month and I want to keep that up and go weekly, or every 2 weeks. The temple is so close, I need to take advantage of it more. I vowed I would after living in Taiwan and having to travel two hours to the temple.

I might be promoted to be an assistant in another department. I had an interview, for the 3rd floor, last week and then just today I had a call from the Sprague library wanting to interview me. So, the advantages of becoming an assistant would be that I could learn more what a librarian does and maybe become a paid librarian when I graduate, which is soon.

Sunday, April 15, 2007


I started out with a heavy work load - the I got sick. First, my Vertigo came back, which I hate, then I got a head cold - then the Vertigo came back really bad. I was down for two days. It was horrible. Anyway, I have decided to see a doctor next week to get rid of the dizzy head. I think either a Ear,Nose, & Throat doctor, or a Neurologist. Anna and Kade, and myself, believe that it's something with the fluid in my ears. Anyway, I'm just sick it coming back and nothing being able to deal with it.

I gave a talk to day in Sacrament mtg and it was a recap of a General Conference Talk. So, I didn't want to tell the bishopric member that I only got to see once session, because of school, but Elder Uchtdorf's talk about repentance came to my mind first thing - so I thought I would use that one - and not tell anyone that I missed the rest of conference. I just printed out the talk and highlighted the key points of the talk, adding in a few comments here and there. I think it went well, and I got many compliments on it - so there you go.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Summer Graduation

My sister, Anna, had baby Emilia last weekend and I was on babysitting duty Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday. I went to see the baby on Tuesday and she's so cute! I just saw them yesterday at their house and got to hold baby Emilia for a while.

So, later that week I had to scramble to finish up some assignments for my upcoming class that weekend. Class went well enough. I did hear some good news from my adviser. So, I did some graduate classes at the UofU a while back and I was hoping that I could get them transferred for credit towards my degree. So, I finally got the paper work done and my adviser told me that she's confident that those will transfer over successfully and if that's the case, then I have more than enough credits to graduate. Yippee! I still have to complete a Capstone class, which I am nervous about, but if I only have that to worry about next semester - I'll be fine. So, I'm hoping to graduate at the end of the summer and Mom and Dad are interested in going with me to Kansas for a graduation ceremony. You have to get the Master's hood! Well, I might be jumping the gun at this point. The "intent to graduate" deadline already passed - but my adviser is looking into seeing if I can slip in for next semester. I can't even tell you excited I am about that! I am so ready to be done with school! It's been 10 years since I graduated from high school and 7 of those years I have still been in school!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Gorilla Librarian