Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Super Librarians

Halloween is coming up this week and I've finally put together my costume. In the Children's Dept we are going as superheroes. I decided I wanted to be BatGirl, but haven't had success in finally the right accessories. I heard that my roommate took a child's costume and just tweaked it to fit her. (See Cut the Malarkey) So I went over Target to see what I could find. I finally decided to buy a little boy's Batman costume. From it I salvaged a mask, cape, utility belt, arm bands and a Batman logo. I went to town pinning these objects to my black shirt. It looks great, if I do say so myself. My other co-workers are going as Bibliogirl, Catbrarian, Exlibras (all made up) and Supergirl. It will be great! (hehe)
I will be sure to post pictures, this will be too funny.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Twilight Movie Countdown

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arizona Adventures

My brother and I went down to Queen Creek, Arizona to visit my sister and her family at their new house. We sure did have a fun time.
Here's the report: The airport experience started out frustrating, just because of our cheap airline. It started when we got charged for our checked in bags (1st bag=$15, 2nd bag= $25) Then, on the flight they wanted 2 dollars for the beverage. Can you believe that? I'm still upset about that. But, I later heard that not all airlines are adopting this scheme. I won't fly with US Airways again! Ok, calm down - Anna just drove up when we got our luggage and we were excited to see her and Alec and Emilia. Alec was just fine, but Emilia was a little apprehensive about us - though she was saying Andrew's name. It didn't take too long for her to warm up to us like the boys did. As soon as we got to the Johnson's home, and had the grand tour, we totally got into the pool. It looked so inviting - though it ended up being a bit cold. It was great! We had fun taking pictures of Andrew jumping into the pool. I got some good shots. When Kade got home, we piled into the van and went to a delicious pizza place - almost as good as Litzas!
Anna and I went out to the Curves in Queen Creek a few times. I have only been to one other Curves besides my own and it was interesting comparing the two locations. This one had more machines, but not a free water cooler. Oh well - at least they had good music! (hehe)
Friday night we went to this neat restaurant called the San Tan Flats. I say restaurant, but only part of the place was indoor. There is this courtyard with tables and fire pits and you could sit at and eat your food outside, roast marshmallows and listen to the live band. They are known for their amazing hamburgers and I have to agree - mine was dang good. Too bad my nose was congested and could only partially taste my meal... that just means I'll have to go back to remember how good it was! (hehe)
Saturday the Johnson's hosted a small BBQ/Birthday party. The Frasiers, the family that was living with them during the summer, and a neighbor family came. Most everyone got into the pool and had a great time. I declined because my allergies started turning into a cold, and didn't want to spread germs, etc etc.
After church on Sunday we took a drive on the "roller coaster road". They found it when they were driving around, and also found a few polygamous houses. Quick side note, these polygamous houses are not finished on the outside and Anna and Kade think that they are because they don't have to pay all the property taxes if their houses aren't finished. Anyway, the roller coaster road, it's this road that has many hills and you can get some serious air if you're going fast enough. It was too funny. Free fun! Can't beat that!
Monday, we finished the rest of the 3rd season of The Office, and laughed so hard when Jim came dressed as Dwight and acted like him - then later Dwight came dressed up like Jim. Very funny. I hate to admit it, but I'm hooked! I put the next season on hold and want to see what happens next, especially with Jim and Pam! (hehe) Hopefully I'll be able to watch it soon and then catch up with the current 5th season. Sorry, major tangent there! Before going back to the airport we stopped at this place in Gilbert that does full body massage and reflexology. It was an amazing, yet painful, experience. Andrew, Kade and I were in the same dimly lit room and sat in there sort of recliners and had our massages by some Chinese people. It was all safe and we were fully clothed. Later when he worked on my back and bum cheeks I was so relaxed I didn't even care! It was exhilarating!
Finally it was time to go and we had the same fiasco, well not really, with the extra charges for our luggage, etc. Oh well. All in all, it was a great trip and hopefully we'll get to go again soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dreams of Women

Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy 50th Anniversary Paddington!

Fifty years ago, on 13th October 1958, "A Bear Called Paddington" was first published. I remember watching this exact show when I was little! Here's how it all started out!


Saturday, October 11, 2008

Trouble Magnet

So, I went to a wedding reception in the Riverside area, kind of by Sutherland's, off of Redwood Road. Well, while I was in the church enjoying myself, and my car was broken into AGAIN. They took the stereo and some DVDs from the library. I was so upset, I'm still upset! How dare they! I called the police, but they just gave me a case number and that was it. I honestly don't remember if I locked the door or not - I think it's habit but did I forget or is my little Honda a magnet for trouble? I might be responsible for the library DVDs (one costs about $60), but I'm going to attempt to fight it because it's not my fault! We'll see if they are merciful! Oooh, I'm so frustrated! I'm praying for peace about the situation, and also that they culprits might take my DVDs back to the library because they are not hot titles (one is a British tv show season, one is an episode of Doctor Who from the 70's, and one is a children's book on CD) - but I'm not crossing my fingers!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Work's the same and I getting more and more involved in programs and what not. I decided that even though I'm still applying for full-time jobs, I'm not going to miss out on neat stuff in the meantime. I'm going to be doing some storytimes next month, including one for babies. Also, next year I'm apart of a puppet show team. We are doing stories from "the south" including South America, "Caliente!". It should be fun and a good learning experience. One of the stories will be a shadow puppet show - cool huh! (I'm such a nerd! hehe)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Spider and the Fly

So, at the library I have the October window display. I did it last December and did the little fireplace, etc etc. Well, Oct is Halloween month but I didn't want to do the token witch and what not. I thought it would be fun to do words from a scary poem and I remember a poem called, "The Spider and the Fly". It's about this spider who entices the fly to come inside his house and he ends up catching and eating the fly. It's a cautionary tale, and quite symbolic if you think about it. So, I used the first paragraph of that poem and now needed some pictures to go with it. I also remembered this neat illustrated copy of this poem:

So, I enlarged images from this book, with our opaque projector, and colored it in with black artist chalk. It turned out pretty well for my first time. I'll send pictures along as soon as I have them. Well a dilemma developed when I attemped to get the big spider laminated. The spider is as wide as butcher paper and his legs are kind of sprawled out (he's bowing the fly-girl) Well, I knew our library laminator wouldn't be wide enough for such an endeavor so I took it downtown to Kinkos. I learned later that Kinkos is expensive for laminating and it was true because it cost 50 bucks to laminate the spider and fly! Can you believe that? I obviously didn't understand how the pricing worked and was upset with myself for letting that happen. Well, I talked to my boss about it and he said for me turn in my receipts and see how much they would be willing to reimburse me. If even half of money could be paid back I would take it! I've definitely learned my lesson! Yikes! Well, at least it looks great and we'll have it for a long time! (hehe)