Saturday, May 19, 2007

Car Trauma

Well, I've had small trauma this week, in three parts.
1) As you know, Mom and Dad went to Arizona this last weekend and Mom asked if I could stay at the house and keep Andrew company. I told my friends I was house-sitting, not babysitting. Anyway, I ended up spending the weekend alone for the most part because Andrew went off with Anna and Kade on Friday and Saturday, to get some driving time. That was ok, I got some down time and I enjoyed having the T.V. all to myself. I did just finish my last class, so it was a stress free time. BUT, Friday afternoon I had a job in West Jordan and my car wouldn't start. This has been happening since I've been back, but eventually the car would start. This time it wouldn't budge. I had Dee help test the battery, which was good, then he played around with the starter. So, our conclusion was that the starter needed to be repaired, etc. Well, I was in luck (if you want to call this lucky) because Kade was able to take me over to a car shop (flukishly we got it started), and I had the van to use for the weekend. Well, the car was supposed to be done the next day, but they couldn't find the right part and needed to send it out to get rebuilt. Ok, fine, as long as it's done by Monday afternoon (when Mom was due back and would need the van again). Everything went to schedule and I got my new starting car back just in time to to go work.
2) So, I finally had my appointment for the doctor, about my vertigo problems, and to get a referral. When I got this appointment I had the impression that I would get a discounted pay, etc. Well, they looked at my meager pay checks and it turns out I make too much and would need to pay for my visit in full. I was so upset, I almost started to cry when the nurses left the room. How can I afford a $100 visit, especially after paying $200 for the new starter in my car. Well, the doctor was nice and she gave me a referral to see an Ear, Nose, Throat specialist next week. She also had the nurse take some blood and take a sugar test. Well, I had eaten a donut in haste for breakfast, so my sugar levels were a little high. Then, the nurse took my blood and used the wrong tube. So, they asked me to come back the next morning for a fasting sugar test and the correct blood test. Fine fine, I'm just glad it didn't cost any more money.
3) So, later after work I went to the store to get some milk. On the way home, driving uphill towards my house, my car just stopped. The light had just turned green and I pushed the gas and the power went out. I tried desperately to restart it but it just revved the starter and wouldn't start. It was a different sound then it stopped last week, so I was totally confused. Well, the car behind started honking and I put on my flashers and kept on trying to start the car. It wasn't a busy intersection, so I wasn't in danger of blocking traffic. Two girl joggers came by and asked if I needed a push. They pushed me to the nearest curb around the corner and made sure I had means to get some help. I thanked them and told them I had a cell phone, etc. Now mind you, it was already after 10pm, but I decided to call Dad. He had me call David to get his opinion and he would check on getting the AAA to come help tow. David had a few ideas, including the new starter, but could do nothing to help. I called Dad back and he arranged for AAA to come and he hurried up to meet the tow truck. So, I just sat in my quiet car (no stereo remember) and waited. Dad finally made it and helped push the car in the nearby Little Cesar's parking lot. The tow truck took forever and by the the time he finally got us to the car shop, it was already 1am. I was slightly stressing out because I had a two-day conference in Provo for the Utah Library Association. I would have skipped it, but the city library had paid for my registration and also paid time off to go. Dad nicely offered to let me take the Stratus. I spent the night at home and then went to Provo as planned. During the day, through many calls to David and Dad and the car shop, they figured out the problem (some coil that was NOT relevant to the new starter) and they got it fixed by noon. Unfortunately I couldn't pick it up until Friday morning, but at least it was done. ARRRGG! What a stressful week!
So, I did see some blessings this week. First, I was grateful that I was at home when my car stopped (the 1st time) and that I had Dee to help me out and also the van at my disposal. Next, I was stressing about about all this financial strain and I was checking out my bank statements and it turns out, miraculously, that I got my county pay check a few days early and it was just enough to cover the 2nd car shop payment. (Those checks usually vary) So, I'm not going bankrupt just yet. I know the Lord is mindful of me and it humbles me to see the small and big way he takes care of me, and all of us.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

New calling

So, I have school this weekend (which I'm not too crazy about) but it is the last weekend this semester and that's good. I got clearance to apply for graduation, so I'll be doing my LAST class next semester and that one is just a recap of what I've learned. It's called a Capstone. But, I also found out that Emporia State University is NOT having a summer graduation ceremony. Mom and Dad were planning on going with me and then they would send me home on a plane and take a rental car for a church history tour, for their 30th wedding anniversary. Anyway, they will have to just go without me this summer and I have to wait to "walk" in December. I really want to walk at commencement because I'll get the cool Master's hood. Well, it's not really a hood, but a sash thing. Anyway, you've probably seen pictures of Dad. So, I'm bummed that I have to wait to graduate, but I'm excited to be done next semester! I can't even tell you how ready I am to be done with school! It's been 10 years since high school, but 8 of those years I have been in school! Yikes! I'm burned out! I could never have been a medical doctor! (hehe)

I got a calling in my ward. Yes, I was called to be the (drum roll please) APARTMENT COORDINATOR! Isn't that something else? I love made up callings for singles wards! In brief, my duties will be to keep information about apartments available in our ward, so people can move it, and also info for people wanting to move into the ward. Yes, I know, this is really important. Well, it seems to be already because I have already had a few people come up to me with their room information. Well, I'll tell you more about my experiences as this goes along. I guess they need me! (hehe)

No word on my stolen car stereo, like there would, and so I've started doing some price checks for a new one. I think I'll keep it simple and hopefully get a good one for under $100. In the meantime I have been using my little MP3 player - with an earphone in one ear. I do keep the volume down so I can hear traffic, but hopefully I won't get pulled over for it! I can't remember if that is illegal.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007