Friday, June 29, 2007

Library Assistant Position

Dear Elizabeth,

Thank you for expressing interest in the part-time Library Assistant position at the Day-Riverside Branch of the City Library. I appreciate the time you took to interview with me and and the Day-Riverside manager. You were not selected for the Library Assistant position but the Salt Lake City Public Library values your interest in employment with use.

We wish you success in achieving your professional goals.



Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Family Reunion Weekend

This last weekend was my family reunion and I will briefly tell you about my experiences.
Friday, I met up with Mom and Dad and drove with them, as well as Grandma Hope. Andrew and I sat in the back and had a great time. We got to the big house/old chuch place early and the Tuft's and Juett's were already there. I can't remember what we did that evening, but Saturday morning we got an early start at the reservoir. The Tufts rented two jet ski's and I even took a turn on them. I admit that it was a little nerve-wracking and I didn't take another turn. I noticed that all the young adult cousins were drawn to the ski's and were taking numerous rides - including Andrew. I just hung out at the other end of side of the water, near our reserved bowry. I just swam in the cold water by myself all morning - then David and Sheila showed up and they swam with me. Soon, more of the family showed up and more were playing in the water, besides hanging out in the bowry or riding the ski's. I kept on slathering sunblock on my face and arms and neck, but I did end up with a partial sun burn on the right side of my neck - and my hair part got burned and it's still pink and tender even today. Oh, well, it could have been worse! (You should have seen Lani's legs or Mikayla's back!) After a long day, we were all tired and later some were a little sick. I think dehydration was a problem for many - including myself. (It also could have been the chili in the American taco salad we had for dinner).

Sunday, after breakfast we had a devotional. I was asked to give a short talk, 5 min, about Charity. Gentree was also asked to speak. Right before Blaine, who was leading the meeting, shared his testimony and I was on the verge of tears - so when I got up I had a hard time speaking for a bit. I finally got my composure and shared my thoughts and stories. Hopefully the Spirit was felt. I tried to gear my talk to all ages, so I found some stories from a talk in the Friend that were great with my topic. The talk was about loving friends and it was from 1974 - still applicable! The one story I was most looking for was the one about he the little girl who needs a blood transfusion and they ask the brother to help out. He says yes and soon afterwards he asks when he die. He thought that giving his blood would kill him, and he willingly gave it to his sister. Isn't that a sweet story? Who knows if it's real or not. After my talk, the four singing aunts sang a nice hymn and then Gentree spoke about the Atonement and perfection. It was great. After the devotional, we all got in our cars and took a drive to see some petroglyph's and pictographs in the rocks - those were pretty cool. Then we went to the viewpoint for the "little grand canyon". It was a little scary because there was no railing or anything. I almost tripped once and got myself all nervous that I could have fallen off the side or something. (hehe) Well, I'm glad to report that no problems were had. Later, after dinner, some watched movies on the big screen t.v., some played volleyball. I did a little of both. Then, they started a fire and we made s'mores. Well, you can imagine what happened next. Yep, the traditional marshmallow fight. I heard Jocelyn mention earlier that she had bought a few extra bags for just this reason - it was way fun. It is too bad that we did start it before everyone had a chance to make a s'more - like Mom. That's ok.

Monday morning, everyone got all packed up and started leaving. Some stayed to play on some four-wheelers - but we had to get Grandma home. It was a good reunion and I'm glad I was able to go.
So, back to my normal humdrum life. I have worked both in the county and city more than once already this week and I had two job shifts tomorrow. Phew! I hope I can get through this week!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Staff Pictionary

I just got my computer back in working order again. I always get worried when something drastic has changed when I start playing around with different functions. Well, I wasn't playing around - I was downloading some virus removal software and my internet wouldn't work right. Well, it didn't stop all together, but it would only open a few pages. My guess was that this software, which I have now uninstalled, had a pretty good firewall. Anyway, I'll figure something else out to do help with my slow computer. I think I have average computer knowledge, but when some problems arises I have no idea where to start.

We had a staff meeting today and we got done almost an hour early. We are scheduled to have 2 hours and they bring in extra people from the branches to help at the Check out desk. So, I guess we couldn't just go back to work - but we visited for a bit and then someone found a chalkboard in the next room and we started playing Pictionary. Don't worry, our supervisors were playing with us as well. We just started playing and it was funny what words were thought up for ideas: Alcatraz, rubber beach thong, My Little Pony, bowel movement, Jungle Book (that was what I had to draw), Richard Nixon, roast beef sandwich, etc. Yeah, it was pretty funny, random but funny.

I really love being out on the check-out desk now. I love talking to the public - but it also has it set backs. I probably have a cranky person almost everyday - but most of the time they are pretty nice. Now, I can also count on a very smelly person to come through and I have to stop breathing to stop myself from gagging. I'm not trying to be mean, but there is this guy who comes in and he smells like days old B.O. I almost gagged when I got a good whiff of him. Oh dear, I feel so bad for them - all the smelly people in the world!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Family Reunion Picnic

I've been working same as usual. I did have an interview at the Day-Riverside library for a library assistant job - and hopefully I'll hear soon about that. It would be the same hours, but a pay increase and more opportunities to learn how to be a librarian.

This weekend was the Eli Hope Reunion and it was fun. We went to this park in Sandy and it was a nice hot day. But, also very windy. A lot of of our Hopes are in town, including the Tufts, and it was fun seeing almost everyone. The reunion was fun, but it was mostly our family who went - and some of Arthur and Golda's family. After we ate our KFC, we did introductions, and then Dad got up and related a quick history of the Hope family - then shared stories about Grandpa James. He sounded like a neat man - very happy.

This morning, we had the opportunity to go see Emily Juett set apart as a member of the Tabernacle Choir. We went early, a little before 8am, and everyone who was in town was there. They took us all into a small room and then President Mac Christensen came in, you know Mr. Mac. They talked about how important the choir is and then they set her apart as a singing missionary. I didn't know that was actually what their calling was - I just thought Harv Wilhelm made that up. (hehe, my mistake) Afterwards we stayed for the broadcast and it was real nice. They had a visiting soloist, a opera soprano, and so the songs were a little more serious. I admit I fell asleep during the actual broadcast - which was the second time we were seeing the program. My favorite song was A Child's Prayer - such a touching song.

Friday, June 8, 2007

Music and movies

I've been spending a lot of time at Mom and Dad's this last week. Mom taught the Presidency lesson on Sunday about coming unto Christ and she wanted me to find a song for her to share. It's called "Come unto Him" and the lyrics are based off the Matt 11, the last verses. It's my favorite scriptures and so naturally I love the song. I orginally had it on a mix CD that a member burned for me on my mission - but it got stolen with my other CD's and stereo. (Don't leave original CDs in the car - make copies!) Anyway - I was curious to see if I could find it online to download and I was successful. That (an LDS Itunes) had just the one I wanted, sung by the BYU University Singers, and it only cost a dollar to download. Mom was happy and I was glad to have that song in my possession again.

I found the newest X-men movie at the library and Andrew and Dad wanted to see it. So, we watched that Sunday afternoon. Andrew enjoyed seeing the extra mutants and their powers. Then afterwards we watched the first Star Trek movie. It's so cheesy - but you have to love it. Did I tell that I saw this show about these people who had possession of the props and costumes from all the Star Trek shows and were planning a big auction for them? Well, they went through and cataloged them - showing a few examples of the object in the show and they had some of the actors making commentaries, etc. Well, the auction was over 3 days and some of those props, including the big model ships they used to film, went for thousands and even hundred thousands dollars. Can you believe that? Can you justify owning a costume that Patrick Stewart wore, or a chair from the bridge, for that much money? I was flabbergasted.

We had an interesting lesson in Relief Society. The topic was having confidence in ourselves and having good thoughts, etc. Hannah, the teacher, did this object lesson with this girl. Hannah had her put her arm up, at a 90 degree angle, and then attempted to push it down while the girl tried to keep her arm up. Then she sent Liz outside and told us to think negative thoughts about her, and then brought her back in. She tried the same thing, but it was easier for her to push down her arm - her strength was gone. Hannah sent Liz out one more time and told us to think positive thoughts about her. She did the test again and this time Liz was able to keep her arm up, drastically showing more strength. The moral of the story? We need to keep our thoughts clean and pure and uplifting, about ourselves as well as about others. They really make a difference.

So, my bishop told us that the EFY program is starting a somewhat different program to help those who can't pay the full amount. They are doing day classes here in Salt Lake and it's cheaper, or something. Anyway, they were looking for volunteers to be counselors for at least a week or more. It's only lasting 4 weeks total. I gave my name to the bishop, for one week, and I got a quick email for the director and it provided training booklets to read and wanted to know my shirt size, etc. I was shocked, I thought I would need an interview or something. I guess I'm in for the week of July 16-20th at the UofU. I am excited for this opportunity - I always wanted to go to EFY! When I told Mom about it, she got excited that I meet some nice guys! (hehe) Leave it to Mom to think of that!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Pirates 3

Andrew and I went to see the 3rd Pirates movie. It was almost 3 hours and it was jammed packed with quite a story - with a sort of melancholy ending. I think this is the last one, but Andrew heard somewhere that they are making 3 more. I don't know about that - I think they are done. I'll tell you one thing - Orlando Bloom is a very beautiful creation of God. Yessireee! (hehe)
Not much going on with me. I've been working and stuff. I did have an interview for an assistant job at the Day-Riverside library. It would be a promotion if I got the job. It would love to work there and it would give me more "reference" experience. That just means that I'll have time to talk to patrons, besides just checking out their books, and asking them questions and helping them find materials, etc. Well, I keep praying that Heavenly Father will guide me to a good job that will give me experience, insurance benefits and (quietly) more money. I still have a few applications out and I've had a few interviews, but nothing seems to be "biting". I'll let you know about the Day-Riverside job. Maybe that will be the place for me.
I just scheduled my flight for Portland for July to take my last class. I'm excited to go to Portland again - and also relieved to be almost done with school.