Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pizza in my trunk!

Tonight was my ward temple night. We didn't get a big turnout - but it is finals week and I imagine people are studying or have left for vacation. We went to the SLC temple and it was great. Too bad the pizza we had for dinner was rumbling in my stomach all during the session - I was glad that I made it through the session! Speaking of pizza, I just realized that I left a leftover pizza in my trunk! Oops! Good thing it's cold outside - it won't go bad! I'll just get it tomorrow morning! (hehe - random!)

Oh, I just got a call from another school for a Librarian job interview! I'm way excited - hopefully this will be the job for me! It's at Beacon Heights - which I don't think I've ever been too. Wish me luck! Oh, speaking of schools and whatnot - I got my score back from that Praxis teacher test. I passed - but just barely! (hehe) I think 160 was passing and I got a 166 - good enough! I heard you just have to pass - yeah! I hope I can now land myself a full-time job! I keep talking about because I'm obsessed - it's constantly on my mind. I'm sorry if this subject is boring to you! Please bear with me!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Fever

I totally have spring fever - I want to wear sandals and not a coat! Well, I shouldn't complain - we are getting loads of moisture in the mountains, etc. Hopefully this winter will pull us out of our drought! I remember on a rainy day in WV, at Sunday School, and my companion said in her prayer that we were grateful for the moisture, etc. Afterwards a member joked that she must be from Utah - where we are grateful for the moisture! They had enough of it in WV - even flooding! Yikes! I remember seeing crazy rain in Taiwan - big massive puddle in the street and we had to bike through them, etc.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Weeding and Shelf Reading

Let me see...what else...(do you have any tuna?) I've been working as usual. I was assigned to shelf read (put the books back in order) in the 200 section - the religion and mythology section. I've had fun looking at books about Judaism and Sikhs and Rastafarian's. I finally finished putting them back in order - the mythology books were horribly mixed up - but now I'm working on weeding the biography section. I had my co-worker print off a list of biographies that haven't checked out in the last 3 years and the list is quite long. I was hesitant to get rid of so many books, but another co-worker told me that if they aren't checking out that we should make room for new ones that will. It's interesting seeing what does and doesn't check out. Like a little bio on one of the actors from that show, "Malcolm in the Middle" - Zero check outs. Not surprised there! I've filled up one cart with books and am starting on a second cart - that I've only weeded through Hillary Clinton! This is going to be a big job!
Oh, something funny. So, the children's department is brainstorming themes for next year's summer reading program. This year will be "Catch the Reading Bug". Well, so someone mentioned the superhero possibility and my co-worker wrote this email in response,
"I love, no, LOVE the Superhero idea! It's great!!! This could quite possibly be the best summer reading program ever. EVER!!! "Have a super summer at your City Library!" "The sky's the limit with a super read." "Up in the sky - It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a book!" "Fight crime; read a book." I mean come on, the possibilities are endless! Not only are superheroes EXTREMELY popular right now but they can appeal to both boys and girls. Also, think about how much fun the final party could be - each one of us could come dressed up as a superhero. "Look, it's Bibliophile Man!" "Up in the sky, there's The Marvelous Manlibrarian!" "Never fear, The Book Banshee is here!" Seriously folks... I think this one's THE ONE!" (hehe)
The marvelous manlibrarian? I just thought this was hilarious! We just have too much fun at the library! (hehe)

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stake Conference

We had stake conference and we got a new stake presidency - therefore a visit from some General Authorities. I guess they travel in companionship's now - did you know that? Anyway, Elder Rasband and Elder Renlen(?) came and gave great talks. I was proud of myself for remembering a notebook to take notes. Elder Renlan said to pay attention to the hymns and that the hymn, "How Firm a Foundation" is on of the few that the Savior is talking to us. I never had realized that. Elder Rasband (who spoke at the last Gen. Conf) shared how the gospel of Jesus Christ is a safe harbor: 1)Eternal families, 2) Ward and Stake are a defense from the storm, 3) The Temple is a refuge from the storm, 4) Build your testimony in Jesus Christ - "We talk of Christ". Excellent words.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

JibJab Square Dancing

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Solemn Assembly

I really enjoyed General Conference. I was moved when we participated in the solemn assembly and sustaining of the new 1st Presidency. I was also excited to hear that Elder D. Todd Christofferson was called to the quorum of the apostles. I enjoyed the talks and was inspired by President Monson's words. I'm anxious to read the talks again in the Ensign - I know there is more from the talks than I got the first time around.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Mission Reunion

I had a mission reunion the weekend of Conference. I haven't been to an reunion for a few years, so I was eager to go. This reunion was for my second mission president, President Millett. It was pretty fun and I saw a few who I recognized. I guess I'm considered one of the "old timers" and was already half-way through my mission when Pres. Millett came to the mission. Anyway, there were many faces I did not know, and some who wouldn't acknowledge me. That's ok, I saw a handful and it was fun catching up with them. So, I didn't take any pictures at this reunion. At my first reunion I took so many - it was like I was at a transfer meeting or something. It's interesting how priorities change.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Interview

I had my interview with Lincoln Elementary and I thought it went pretty well - even though I was nervous as I'll get out. They were asking for six adjectives that describe me....uh.... I had to think for a minute at what an adjective was! (hehe) Well, After the interview, the principal took me on a short tour on of the library itself - then gave me a short paper to fill out. Philosophy and whatnot. Well, in the library already was a lady I already knew and I joined her and started filling out my paper. This lady was my site advisor for my school program - and has the same degree as me. Well, I got a little nervous now that I knew who else was up for the job. My friend and I chatted for a bit, then she left me alone - then I saw the lady who interviewed after me and she sat down and started filling out the same paper. I talked with her for a few minutes - she was a retired librarian from Jordan school district. I was then really nervous and discouraged - I wasn't going to get this job. I just felt it. Well, I had to wait a week to hear anything - and I was right about not getting the job. Even though this wasn't a surprise, I was upset. I had a teary talk with my Dad and he gave me some good advice. I called the district office and heard that a few schools still hadn't done any interviewing and I still had a chance of getting a position with a school. I hope they're right!