Thursday, July 9, 2009

Movie Mania - literally!

We've had a weekly movie showing each Thursday. Donna found the newest kid's movies that just came to DVD (Hotel for Dogs, Paul Blart Mall Cop, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, Race to Witch Mountain, High School Musical 3 and Space Buddies - if you wanted to know) and we show them each week - with a free bag of popcorn. (We have a big popcorn popper). The first week we have more than one hundred people show up and our meeting room has a fire code restriction of 100 people. Also, the volunteers had only popped 50 bags of popcorn and people were pestering the volunteers to make more popcorn.
Well, to prevent this happening again the next time we figured out a ticket system - just like in the movie theaters. We are only setting up 75 chairs, popping 75 bags of popcorn and giving out 75 bags of popcorn. Once the tickets are gone, that's it! It went a lot better the next week and the weeks following - much more in control!
We've also had teen volunteers helping out this summer. Since we are short-staffed we've been having them help with re-shelving (a never-ending job) and other special projects as necessary. They've been a big help.