Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Be Creative - Summer Reading Program 2009

I'm keeping busy with work, and this summer has been going good, for the most part! We've been busy with the Summer Reading Program and getting kids and teens to sign up. If the kids read 10 hours, marking off their game-board, then they get a prize! The half-way prize is a Smencil - a gourmet smelling pencil. Those are really popular. The end prize is a new book. Well, some are newly bought and the rest are nice looking donation books. That was a bit frustrating to me, to re-gift books that were donated to us - but they are in good condition and hopefully the kids will never know! This is a change from last year, they used to give out little prizes from the Oriental Trading company and the kids loved those. Since the city of Chesapeake is trying to save money, and be "green", they chose to give a book as the final prize. That's great - but I had hoped we would have a slew of new books that were new off the market - not donated copies of The Babysitter's Club. Oh well, whatever is left over won't be wasted.