Monday, June 1, 2009

Frank & George

I've had a few opportunities to do some traveling this month and it's been fun. I had the chance to go to a Frank Lloyd Wright designed house, the Pope-Leighey House. That was really neat - it's just wood and concrete and lots of unique windows. I guess he really liked the natural light in the home - and natural elements. The wooden walls weren't painted, just stained to show the grain of the wood. He even designed the furniture - it was pretty neat. I was impressed.

In the same town is Mount Vernon, the home of George Washington. That was really amazing and surreal. The house was very grand, with some original pieces of furniture. A few of the rooms were painted green because Washington believed, as others in his time, that this showed prosperity. While waiting to go to different rooms there were tour guides sharing facts and stories about the Washington's. When George Washington died, his wife closed up their master room and moved her belongings to another room. She couldn't sleep in that room anymore. The grounds of Mount Vernon were quite extensive and unfortunately I didn't have the time to see them all, but that just means I'll have to go back! There was this neat museum by the front gate and it had some neat exhibits about Washington - including some wax figures of Washington at different ages of his life. It was cool.