Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Programs at the Library

Besides the summer reading program, my department has been busy with 3 days of storytime. I've been doing the 2-3 yr old storytime each day and it's been fun. We have some regulars and they are starting to recognize me. It's so fun hearing their little voices say my name and are excited to see me! My personal favorites are the twins, Kate and Brennan. They are half Japanese and adorable! Their mom says that whenever they drive by the library they ask if Ms Elizabeth is there. So cute!
The children's department has also been busy with special storytime programs. I haven't done any programs myself, but I've been on hand to help out. I will be heading up another costume-character program next month. Yeah...
One of my co-workers, Debbie, won a grant for our library and we received some new books. That was really cool. In the grant she wrote up ways she would use these books for special library programs, if she won. So, now she's caring out these programs. One of the books was "Our White House: looking in, looking out" and it's a collection of facts and short stories about the White House. What's she did for one of her programs was talk about the pets that the President's have had - they they painted a simple picture of the White House and the green lawn in front - then the kids could paint what animals they would have as pets if they were President. It was a big success.
Next week Donna and Debbie are doing a program to commemorate the 40 years since NASA first landed on the moon. That will be really fun.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure your other friends/readers are screaming the same thing. I missed hearing about your adventures!

I got to hang out with Janey for an hour last week while she was in Boise, and I asked her for any update on you she could give me... it wasn't much.

Glad to see you've been having so much fun!!!

~Ashley Hansen